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Bioclimatic Remodeling of the Maintenance Building in E.T.S.I.A - U.P.M. (Madrid)

Client: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Budget: 199.988,46€ + VAT

Area: 399,80m2

Started: August 2015 / Finished: February 2016

Educational / Built / Cultural / Restoration / Landscape / 2010 - 2019

The aim of the Project and the construction of the remodelling of ETSIA Maintenance building in Madrid has been, since the beginning, to achieve a meeting point and a space dedicated to bioclimatic and urban agriculture research.

The various reasons to stablish a center of such qualities in the Campus of University Excellence of Moncloa, Madrid, sponsored by UPM, are found in the principles of the community service of the Univeristy Institutions: scientific-technical education and analysis of the main matters that affect society while providing solutions.

The expected planning is developed from an international and global point of view of similar matters, contrasting the adopted solutions, and from there applying a local vision to the city and to the corresponding district.

The priority research guidelines are focused on the analysis of air pollution programmes (the use of heating sources for experimental crops, grey water recycling, use of rain water, photovoltaic panels, incorporation of green walls and green roofs research) according to a biodiversity concepct that covers plant and animal kingdoms.

The Project also experiments on the possibilities of organic product recycling and the use of products like sheep wool in the substrate.

To achieve this aim, it is essential to consider the supply of appropiate equipment to the final building after the bioclimatic remodelling of the ETSIA Maintenance building in Madrid.

The equipment proposal is studied in two stages in relation to the development of the research project.

A fundamental piece of this equipment is the formalisation around the building of a technologic cover capable of incorporating different equipments and bioclimatic systems, for its anaylisis, after the interior remodelling.

This cover is itself a laboratory-building, shown as an active system capable of being configurated on demand as well as being provided of every technological advance related to green economy. It’s been developed based on a sub-structure attached to the building. This structure is a modular grid designed to flexibilize to the máximum the incorporation of different elements, systems and materials; achieving the perfect integration between natural and artificial components.

Its presence highlights the actual public space system of the School and  meant to be a landmark in the Campus circulations and an icon of technologic innovation. It is also an element that subtly combines nature elements with textures and light variations of the building façade. Greening at its purest expression, that relates nature and the world of symbols and senses through materials themselves.

This space has become a public meeting point inside the University Campus. 

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