Sicilia y Asociados Arquitectura


Sicilia y Asociados. Arquitectura has its headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain). It is a 350m² space prepared for the development and the interdisciplinary coordination of the different works in which it takes part, as well as the coordination among the companies involved, with central offices sited in different cities, in a national and international level.

Calle Vía Pignatelli, nº 21-23 local. 50007 ZARAGOZA
T 976 25 32 00 / 976 38 28 38
Fax: 976 38 21 37

SICILIA Y ASOCIADOS ARQUITECTURA S.L.P. constitutes, in the Architecture environment, a professional and multidisciplinary team, as well as a group of companies ready to assume and answer each client proposal and the quality requirements demanded.

This quality is based on:

  • Listening, assist and respect the client and user in each moment.
  • An analysis which favor the positive insertion of each project in its site and helps to define the proposals and adopt the proper technical solutions under real sustainability parameters. In short, the means to enhance the natural potential and diversity of each site: its specific identity that configures its culture.
  • The creativity and originality in the architectonical proposals with a rigorous following of the works ensuring the achievement and aims expected by the client in each project, and optimizing the development agenda.

Project and Construction Management Esquema 2

A permanent implication of the different technical team responsibles in each stage of the work provides a better development and facilitates the relationship with the clients, the decision making and the administrative management.


Functional scheme of SICILIA YA SOCIADOS ARQUITECTURA methodology as consultant.

Coordinacion de disciplinas

The interdisciplinary formalization has allowed SICILIA Y ASOCIADOS ARQUITCTURA to obtain great experience, with presence in Aragon, Spain and in International level

SICILIA Y ASOCIADOS ARQUITECTURA is a multidisciplinary consultant with diverse national and international prizes in Project Competitions as well as Finished Works.